A PARADIGM is a set of concepts or thought patterns, including theories and standards for what constitutes a legitimate construct of living. A NEW PARADIGM completely changes the way people think about or interact with something, it is a whole new perspective of looking at things. A PARADIGM SHIFT, as identified by American physicist and philosopher Thomas Kuhn, is a fundamental change in the basic concepts and experimental practices of a discipline.

Currently our world is in the process of a profound shift into a New Paradigm. The old paradigm that served humanity for many years was rooted in a fear-based hierarchical construct expressed in power, force, control, greed, exploitation and separation. The devastating effects on our world continue to be exposed. Many people understand that change is upon us, almost everyone recognizes what is not working, but most do not know a solution. In lieu of a viable alternative, people still attempt to hold on to this antiquated system, because we all have been conditioned to live in fear.

It is impossible to move into a New Paradigm by holding on to what we know from the past. Albert Einstein eloquently stated: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Recent developments are breaking up old constructs to give way to a New Paradigm of collaboration, inclusion, interdependence and balance. Our coaching program is paving the way for a more harmonious way of living, redefining success and responsibly interacting with everything around us.



Relationships are at the core of our existence. It is the fundamental principle that governs all aspects of our lives. Our ability to relate is the universal thread that connects us to anyone and everything. The capacity to develop successful relationships is based upon the relationship that we have with our Self. An expanded capability to relate authentically, communicate effectively and connect genuinely is key for anyone in a leadership position.

While most executives display excellence in their academic fields, they often lack the awareness and in-depth knowledge of the core components for successful work relations. Few leaders have been professionally trained in the Art of Relating. Most use what they have gleaned along the way, or revert to conditioned behavior and the old-fashioned trial and error models. Inefficient interpersonal skills ultimately lead to team breakdown and undermine the corporate mission and its vision.


Yes, our approach is non-traditional - and so are the organizations that entrust us with their most precious assets: their Executives! Our New Paradigm Processes reach beyond the conventional coaching methods in order to produce unparalleled results. We skip the classic 360 assessment, which is designed to provide a snap shot of other peoples subjective interpretations and opinions.

Our main focus is on elevating our clients’ self-awareness, thus they know themselves better than anyone else. New Paradigm Leaders are able to observe and instantly correct their unsupportive expressions from the inside out. When conscious business practices and principles of mindfulness are implemented into the new way of being, the capacity for growth is unlimited.



At New Paradigm Executives little time is wasted with intellectual conversations, justifications or accusations. We are known to get to the core of the issue immediately. Together we utilize the challenges in the work environment as a reflection of what needs to be addressed within the client. We resolve over-reactive patterns, eliminate outdated beliefs and release fear-based decision making. As the layers of conditioned behaviors are peeled away, the essence of a person is revealed. Once a new way of being emerges, retaining tools and remembering techniques is no longer necessary. The process is simple, however its mastery requires diligence and persistence. And the results are beyond what anyone in the industry can produce. And that’s our promise!


Our executive coaching programs are custom-designed to meet our clients’ needs. While each executive requires an individual approach, the foundation of our coaching programs are The Nine Essentials: PRESENCE, CLARITY, AUTHENTICITY, INTUITION, TRUST, ABUNDANCE, PURPOSE, FREEDOM, ONENESS. This consecutive system of nine sequential processes reveals and eliminates any unconscious conditioning, underlying imprinting and unresolved issues. Each Essential provides a progressively finer filter to identify and remove the core causes of unsupportive beliefs, conditioned behaviors, and mind patterns. With the embodiment of each of the Nine Essentials, our clients sustain the ongoing transformation of their being, despite any circumstances.